Toei Kyoto Studio Park is the only theme park in Japan where you can observe the filming of period dramas (jidaigeki films). Here you can walk freely around the Toei Kyoto Studio film set. This set depicts a street from the Edo period, and is used to shoot more than 200 films per year. Enjoy the atmosphere of ancient Japan by taking in a ninja show maybe even dressing up as a geisha or samurai.
You will find all kinds of entertainment for both
the young and the old, in this world of
imagination and creation.
Have a great time!



This is a great chance to try an athletic obstacle course bearing a sword.
Experience and enjoy “SWORD N' GO” with your family and friends!


Ninja Show

Enjoy thrilling, acrobatic, ninja action with a touch of comedy in of one of our most popular shows!

Restaurants & Shops

Ninja Café

From the ninja
themed menu try a
light meal or sweets; from spicy curry to caramel corn. You will also find ninja related goods and souvenirs.

Park Map


To all visitors:

  • While actual filming is in progress, we ask that you do not enter the filming areas, and refrain from making noise.
  • Smoking is prohibited, except in designated areas.
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